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The WaterWarrior

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In a drought-stricken South Africa, a new hero is on the rise to lessen the burden of water restrictions!

​Save water this summer with the new hero in your garden! No more wastage of our precious water resource. Reuse greywater easy and effortlessly!  The solution is here: The WaterWarrior!

What is the WaterWarrior:

The WaterWarrior is a simple greywater waste-pipe connector that attaches to your 50mm or 40mm outlet pipes. The WaterWarrior is made from a high density PVC and is UV protected.

The fitting allows you to connect a 25mm garden hose directly onto the front part of the WaterWarrior, to wet your garden easily and effortlessly.

In the use on 40mm outlet pipes the WaterWarrior is fitted with an additional 40mm reducing ring to make use accessible for all homes.

The WaterWarrior is a simple and low-tech systems that uses gravity instead of expensive pumps. The WaterWarrior is cost-effective and easy to install.

The WaterWarrior is patented to insure we give the best quality product to our customers. Our terms and conditions inside every product clearly state on how to install an use. Our instructional video on YouTube makes it easy for customers  and retailers to understand and connect.

Please be aware of inferior products of low quality and wrongful sizing.  99% of the time these products result in angry customers and over flow of washing machines,basins and showers.

The WaterWarrior is tested by engineers to give the best solution to household users.

The WaterWarrior is the only product that can be used on showers and washing machines.

Our Advantages

Having access to your greywater you did not normally have

It’s easy to install

High quality and UV protected


Cost effective

Does not make use of any complicated systems, like filters and pumps

Consumer friendly

We promote the use of bio degradable cleaning products

Savings on water bills

Better lifestyle for our customers

Can reuse up to 60% of household water - 22,5kl per month on average

Gravity driven.

 The WaterWarrior in the news

Since 2015 the WaterWarrior has had tremendous media tracking. From Radio to print and social media. The company and owner is featured in this weeks VroueKeur (9Des2016) a few Article on the product was also in the Beeld, Burger and Volksblad and Express. Radio interviews and mentions on Radio Rosestad, 702 and RSG. On 11 January 2017 the company and product will be featured live on the Espresso Morning show.

We are currently available in these fines stores: All Stodels, Starke Ayres garden centre, Selected Mica's: Action Mica Randburg, Amper Alles Mica Wapadrand, Burgers Mica Bethal, Bramley Mica Kew Johannesburg, Dunkeld Mica, Mega Mica Eastgate, Mega Mica Boksburg, Ridge Mica, Spiros Mica, Solomons Mica Bethlehem,Paarl Mica,Vredenburg Mica,Garden World, Frankfort Kwekery en geskenke, Faithful to Nature,Harry Goemans Garden Center and Urth Garden Centre Bloemfontein

You can only install the WaterWarrior if your sewerage pipes are visible on the outside of your home.

(The WaterWarrior is a patented product by Slightly Greenish 2015 All rights reserved.) 

Please note on how the product is used. Our company will not be held accountable for any connections of the WaterWarrior that was made incorrectly. Connections on washing machines are at own risk. Make certain you attach the correct garden hose as specified below.

Clean the WaterWarrior regularly to prevent clogging from residue or hair.

Do not always irrigate in the same place with greywater. Move your garden hose regularly to prevent over watering of plants.

How to install

Step 1: Wrap plumbing thread tape over the front end of the WaterWarrior.

Step 2: Use a clamp with a 25mm garden hose by sliding it directly over the threaded part as indicated in Step 1. 

Step 3: Clamp the garden hose firmly to the WaterWarrior.

Now wet your garden effortlessly.

Step 4: Connect to your waste pipe.

Connect to 50mm wastepipe 

  • Connect the WaterWarrior to your 50mm waste pipe.

  • Make use of a 25mm garden hose or 25mm irrigation pipe. (see image above)

  • DO NOT make use of any TAP CONNECTORS or Other Garden accessories when using the WaterWarrior.

  • Our company, Slightly Greenish Pty Ltd, will not be held accountable for any incorrect connections made.

  • Do not make use of any Bleaching products while using the WaterWarrior, as Bleach are harmful to plants and the soil.

  • We recommend the use of Biodegradable detergent and washing powder.